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Comic Books: History & Trends through the eyes of an iOS Developer

Damian EstebanA lifelong fan of illustration and animation, Damian Esteban found his perfect creative outlet in comic books. He first began reading them when he was about ten or eleven years old and nowadays comic books continue to be a major influence on his life. From their political and social histories to the social circles they create, comic books are some of the most interesting forms of media today– especially in our current wave of big-screen adaptations.

One of Damian’s favorite opportunities within the comic book space is attending related events and networking with other fans. He most recently attended Comic Con in New York City and San Diego, and Dragon Con in Atlanta, Georgia and he plans to join in on more events in the future. In the meantime, Damian enjoys visiting his favorite comic book shop in Manhattan, where he not only peruses all that the shop has to offer but also discusses his hobby with the employees of the shop, who are just as passionate as he is.

Damian tends to read the “big” comics by major publishers DC and Marvel, and he loves the monomyth that has guided so many traditional, hero-narrative stories over the years in different media. One character that has always stood out to him is the quintessential comic book hero: Superman. With obvious elements of a Christ-like figure in early incarnations, Superman is one of the most interesting superheroes ever created, and although he has recently changed somewhat under DC Comics, it is fascinating to see the iconic character’s evolution over time.

With an academic background in the social sciences, Damian is also interested in the histories of comic book studios, creators, and the political contexts in which they were made. For example, it’s easy to draw parallels between the Hulk and the human fear that technological development would lead to alienation from the self, particularly when you take into consideration that the Hulk got his powers from a radioactive disaster. In this way comic books not only serve their purpose in art and entertainment, but in capturing the tensions of the society that produced them.

Nowadays is a better time than ever to be involved in comic books. Damian is proud to be in the midst of a comic book resurgence that can bridge generational gaps through their universally appealing themes. Also, because classic comics are growing in popularity again and are a finite resource, Damian is interested in their investment opportunities as well.