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Comic Books: History & Trends through the eyes of an iOS Developer

Fall Comic Books Title Image by Damian Esteban

4 Comic Books That Are Perfect for the Fall Season

I don't know about for you, but for me, Fall conjures to mind red, brown, and yellow leaves layering upon the streets of New York City, masking the quotidian eyesores of plastic bottles, pizza crusts, and nameless paraphernalia whose grimy details I will spare you from learning. It also conjures up pumpkin spice lattes and candy ...

image of batman fighting superman

My Top 3 Superhero v. Superhero Showdowns

Superman vs. Batman might have been received with less than a warm welcome, but the movie brings to light a fascinating anomaly in the superhero universe: heroes punching heroes. In the beginning, there were heroes. Heroes fought against bad guys and won. Sometimes, heroes teamed up with other heroes, and together they fought ...



Orphaned as a child, billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne secretly dedicates his life to protecting the city of Gotham from crime. Relying only on his intelligence, instinct and physical prowess, Batman tackles some of the most terrifying opponents in the entirety of the DC ...