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Comic Books: History & Trends through the eyes of an iOS Developer

chart of the marvel rights - marvel movies - damian esteban

Take Your Marvel Movie Knowledge to the Next Level with These Charts

The Marvel movies veer in a different direction than the comic books, which already contain a totally refractive and fragmented tesseract-like array of canon on their own. If you're looking to get the most out of your marvel movie watching, might I suggest the below three charts: For keeping up with the ...

image of batman fighting superman

My Top 3 Superhero v. Superhero Showdowns

Superman vs. Batman might have been received with less than a warm welcome, but the movie brings to light a fascinating anomaly in the superhero universe: heroes punching heroes. In the beginning, there were heroes. Heroes fought against bad guys and won. Sometimes, heroes teamed up with other heroes, and together they fought ...