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Comic Books: History & Trends through the eyes of an iOS Developer

New 52 Birds of Prey

How the New 52 Buffed and Nerfed Female Characters in the DC Universe

Producer 1: I have an idea! Let's forget the long history of character arcs, plots, and places, and completely relaunch our superheroes" Prodcuer 2: What, are you crazy? The fans will kill us! That's tantamount to rewriting the Bible in their eyes. Producer 1: Producer 2, I feel like you're being a little extreme. They'll ...

Rick Flag Jr. - Every Comic Book You Need To Read for Every Suicide Squad Character - Damian Esteban

Even if the Suicide Movie sucks…'s worth checking out the comic book universe on which David Ayer's lackluster movie is based. It's the perfect setup: a band of villains forced to reluctantly fight for good. The Comic Book You Need to Read for Every Suicide Squad Character (@EstebanRules) from Damian Esteban In the process we learn that some of ...